Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Episode 11.16
Top 10 "Favorite" D&C Verses
(with guest Eric Johnson)


  1. Thank you for your continued weekly information about both polygamy and Mormonism. It is through your ministry over the last several which has convinced me of the falsehood of L.D.S. scripture and practices.

    I have enjoyed Eric Johnson's two lectures on inconsistencies in the Bible, D & C with actual Mormon teaching and look forward to next week's third installment.

    Even with my computer's speakers at 100% it is difficult for me to hear the conversations. This has been a continual problem over the last several months and I don't like missing even one word. When watching other programs at 100% I am able to hear them very well. Please consider raising the volume on your speakers when recording the show.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Ronda Weaver

    1. Hi Ronda, Thank you for your comments! We're sorry about your problems with the audio. I have checked the sound levels, and they reproduce normally on our systems here. There are actually several settings in one's computer that can affect the audio levels of media, not just your speaker volume. You may wish to see if any of those need adjusting. You might also try watching from our YouTube channel to see if that makes any difference. Hope that helps!

  2. You might also try using a head set. Sometimes when a program is low I can hear it better with ear bud head set. Just go to Walmart and buy a cheap set and see if it makes the sound better. Sandra


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