Wednesday, June 29, 2016

-- Episode 9.26 --

Who Listens to the Victims? Part 1 (Earl Erskine)
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  1. Who listens to the victims? Ironically, compassion is the way to freedom. If society listened, and had compassion on the victims, it would be freed from the evils that encircle it and drown it in sadness.

  2. I am from Maryland. I have recently had missionaries from the LDS Church near me. I was wondering if you knew if Polygamy is something that could secretly practiced in Maryland? As a child I was raised in a Baptist Church but we have moved and now these missionaries want us to join their Church; should I do this?

    1. We couldn't say for sure whether polygamy is practiced secretly in Maryland or not; it's possible, but not anything we have any direct knowledge of. As for whether you should join the LDS Church, we certainly do not recommend it. At the very least, don't make an uninformed choice. Mormonism presents itself as similar to traditional Christianity, but the reality is something altogether different. If you would like to discuss this more thoroughly, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.


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