Wednesday, March 30, 2016

-- Episode 9.13 --

Topic: Consent vs. Coercion, Part 1. Guest: Earl Erskine
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  1. The issue of consent vs. coercion is SO important. There's a lot of sympathy for fundamentalists by outsiders who do not understand the depth of emotional manipulation and blackmail that is culturally embedded to achieve total female subservience. It is domestic slavery, full stop. It isn't an issue of religious freedom, it is an issue of organized crime that is in gross violation of human rights.

    I remain so dumbfounded that this is literally happening in our backyard. And now that the feds are *finally* zeroing in on just the tip of some criminal activity, it seems that there are LDS federal judges that are sensitive to religious persecution and take that stance in their (biased) rulings. The FLDS, et al. are NOT being attacked because of their unusual beliefs, yet it so easy to spin it that way and rally sympathy to *perpetrators* of human abuse while ignoring the plight of the victims thereof. I think this hinges greatly upon the vast misunderstanding of consensual versus coercive means of instilling and *maintaining* beliefs into followers.

    I've only just encountered this show, and I am highly impressed with Doris. It takes a lot of *strength* to escape the chains that she did. And it takes a lot of *wisdom* to break through the shackles of mind control. Any reasonable person who has basic compassion for other human beings should easily see how Mormon fundamentalism needs to be stamped out altogether. Information dissemination is key to this endeavor. Thank you for providing this resource. Nice work.


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