Wednesday, September 16, 2015

-- Episode 834 --

It's Official: Joseph Smith Was A Polygamist (Part 2)
Guest: Sandra Tanner
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  1. Fantastic Information - I was a Talk Show Host in Salt Lake between the years of 1986 - 1989. Being non LDS, I was appalled with all the Talk of Bashing Mormons, Anti Mormons, and those who do not believe. I was also one of three Radio Celebrities that were allowed into the John Singer Compound prior to the FBI Siege. Trust me Friend, they might have been a bit strange, but they were far from being the animals the News Media made them out to be. I finally had enough of the Land of Oz and decided it was time for me to depart La La Land. I actually feel sorry for the followers of the LDS Faith. Please keep up the good new of Salvation, and don't get discouraged. Respectfully: Bob Houston (Radio Name)


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